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  • Professional development can be encouraged, can expand, diversify and can even be redirected to innovation in other professional fields.
  • SWAP is a coworking space in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that connects professional technical fields (technology, computer science, engineering ...) to form temporary or permanent projects that encourage lateral thinking and idea development. 
  • It is necessary to share ideas with other professionals in the same and other fields, generating connections with professionals in areas without apparent interaction and gather minds to reach beyond what is already established.




SWAP es literalmente INTERCAMBIAR. 

Es crear un flujo de intercambio de ideas, de puntos de vista, de compañeros..


Nuestro espacio de coworking es un potenciador de proyectos y un generador de contactos con otras disciplinas, para crear conexiones entre emprendedores de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria y el resto de España.


Nos movemos en 3 pilares, que implican el movimiento hacia delante, y siguen la filosofía colaborativa del coworking: 

filosofía y pilares del espacio de coworking en las palmas de gran canaria



In our coworking space, we have several optiones that suit every professional profile: medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelances...

Currently , we offer coworking space in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to 25 professionals , divided into desks in an ample office ( shared or individual workspaces) , and individual offices for up to 5 people.

Starting at 85 euros , you'll be a fixed member of SWAP ... but please contact us if you want to know our price rates for traveling coworkers, paid daily!

* Moreover, SWAP is a member of Coworking Visa!

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Tarifas de SWAP Coworking en Las Palmas



In addition to the table or individual office, SWAP offers its customers a range of services

and benefits that are totally free for every coworker:

servicios de swap coworking en las palmas de gran canaria



SWAP Coworking is the first step that our business group takes to create a multidisciplinary project that brings together professionals from different fields, thus fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. This coworking space is located in the city center, surrounded by shops, schools, colleges and cafes. All at your fingertips!







Our goal at SWAP Coworking is to create a workspace where professionals can come together to work on common projects and to support each other. Beyond sharing expenses and saving money, our coworkers learn from each other, because each of them have a distinct profile. Our current members at SWAP are:




. If you want to know more about Coworking SWAP or want to come and see us please contact us via: SWAP Coworking C/ Obispo Encina 19 (esquina Pérez del Toro) 35004 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (+34) 928 38 35 31 (+34) 678 60 22 20 swap@gtc-tesa.com .





After hearing much about it, you just finally discover what coworking is and want to try it, but you aren't entirely sure if this work philosophy is for you.


"At home I set my own working hours," "In the office I relate to people," "I like working in my pyjamas" .... There are thousands of reasons to work in an office, and the same number to work at home. Coworking is a good mix of both worlds, and it opens you to a whole new experience with a lot of benefits .... we have gathered all the reasons in this blog! Still not dare?

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